Estimates show that at any one time as many as one in three of us are currently on a diet, with over half of us having dieted at some time in our lives.
The truth of the matter is that, for the vast majority of people, ‘dieting’ on its own just doesn’t seem to work in the long term.
The question is: why not?
The answer is surprisingly simple… dieting, in essence, misses the point.

Those who successfully and permanently lose weight are not those who simply diet.
• They are the ones who change the role that food plays in their life.
• They learn to respect their food, and more importantly, to respect themselves.

While slimming / dieting alone can indeed help someone to lose weight in the short term once the diet ends the weight can, and often does, creep back on.

This is because dieting alone doesn’t address the person’s underlying psychological desire to overeat.

This is where using hypnosis and analytical hypnotherapy can help with weight loss.
Analytical hypnotherapy for weight control is geared towards finding the reason why a person is repeatedly feeling the need to overeat – whether it be due to:

• Compensation eating – and this is really ‘comfort’ eating and should be viewed as overeating to fulfil an emotional or psychological need. Eating because of stress can also come into this area as can eating to make you ‘feel better’.

• Reward eating (and this can still fall under the umbrella-term of compensation eating). Typical examples would be: ‘I’ve had a great day – so I’m going to treat myself – even though I know I shouldn’t really have it’ … or … ‘I’ve had a really bad day – where’s that maxi-pack of crisps?’

• Feeling the need to be noticed and larger than life.
• Wishing to erect a ‘barrier’, that will (subconsciously), push other people away.

Another common reason that people give as their reason for wanting to lose weight, is that they ‘feel fat’, or ‘enormous’, when in reality they’re not really overweight at all. The problem here, of course, is usually self-image. Again, this is something that can be addressed, and yes, analytical hypnotherapy can help with this too.

Treatment using hypnotherapy for weight loss, can give very rewarding and satisfying results. If you suffer with weight issues, and want help to lose weight, and especially if it’s causing problems in your life, then don’t suffer in silence.

So just how does it work?
How does all this fit into the topic of weight loss hypnosis? Self hypnosis is an effective way of changing those “learned” opinions cemented during the course of your life and difficult to alter using your ordinary conscious mind alone. The experience of hypnotherapy reaches a different part of your mind, more readily accepting of change.
Hypnosis helps to form new ideas about what your life presents. It is important to know that it cannot force you to accept something you truly do not want but, if you can say with certainty, “I wish I could think like that!”, you have an excellent chance that hypnosis will be profoundly useful for weight loss.
The subconscious can have a deep-rooted need for excess food because of an emotional event from the past. Dieting alone is no solution to this problem. The emotional event in question needs to be visited and ‘fixed’ before any long-term progress can be made. Hypnotherapy will allow the subconscious to take you back to the emotional event or events that are causing this attitude towards food.
These are the first steps in eliminating the subconscious desire for excess food. Next, a new attitude towards food needs to be created. Once the attitude has become permanent new eating habits will have been formed and the weight will stay off.

What have you got to lose?
Besides looking better the results will speak for themselves.
• You will feel better and enjoy a more active life
• You will live longer
• Your confidence will grow with each day

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If you are struggling with weight loss my techniques can provide the extra motivation to keep you moving in the direction of your goals and enable you to escape the many food traps that get in the way of weight loss.
Hypnosis is the perfect tool for re-educating your unconscious mind – the part that creates cravings and impulses – to give you back choice in what you eat. Permanent weight loss occurs with a change in lifestyle not through unnatural diets that are impossible to maintain. Hypnosis can help you make those changes quickly and more easily than you ever imagined possible.
I can help you regain control of your life and make a real difference today.

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