It’s probably easier to say what hypnotherapy can’t treat. It’s not a cure for cancer but can help a person deal with cancer.

Over the years I’ve seen thousands of people with countless different issues and each of those issues will be different and treated accordingly (even if on paper they say they want the same thing i.e. to lose weight or stop smoking).

I’ve found that hypnotherapy training and other courses can only take you so far, it’s only once you have been practicing for a while that you get a deeper understanding of why people do what they do and you are able to draw on different methods of how to help them. Some methods are only devised part way into the session and drawn from the unconscious mind whilst I’m also in a trance state.

I’ve always wanted to help a person and get results from the first session, some therapists only use the first session to take notes and the client has to come back for any therapy.

I’ve always looked at ways to make changes right from the start and not draw out the number of sessions required. I would never book someone for a set number of sessions as you don’t know at the start how many sessions are required.

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